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Podcast Traffic Grenade Video Review

Podcast Traffic Grenade is a book written by Dan Lyons teaches you how to get more traffic to your website without SEO or Facebook, Twitter and other social network,... In this book, you'll get more knowledge about create new podcast channel on iTunes and get more targeted traffic from there. Beside eBook, Podcast Traffic Grenade also have video edition called Podcast Traffic Grenade Video Case Study. This video is a step-by-step training guide, so you can easily understand and follow-up the author's directions.
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In-depth Podcast Traffic Grenade Review
After writing deep review at this post, I've created a review video in anime style and I want to share with you. I hope you'll love this video and get more interesting information about Podcast Traffic Grenade.

Here is the video. Let’s enjoy and leave a comment if you have any question about this book.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Podcast Traffic Grenade Review

Podcast Traffic Grenade Review

Podcast Traffic Grenade Informations

Creator: Dan Lyons & Andy Hussong
Focus: Get Traffic for Website, Internet Marketing, SEO
Launch day: 12 February 2013
Price: $17
Website: Podcast Traffic Grenade

Podcast Traffic Grenade Homepage

Podcast Traffic Grenade Overview

Podcast Traffic Grenade is an eBook and training course written by Dan Lyons and his partner - Andy Hussong. This book teaches you how to get more targeted traffic for new website via podcast way. After reading the book, you can leverage all your radio tricks into grenade that explodes your traffic and builds your brands. This method works well for both online and offline marketer.
Developed by 15-year experience Radio DJ Dan Lyons, Podcast Traffic Grenade helps all people start a podcast from scratch and siphon thousands of visitors from the iTunes store.

Who does Podcast Traffic Grenade works for?

Podcast Traffic Grenade is suitable for anyone who want to get more targeted traffic for new website to make money from your site or build the brand name for your company and local store.

In a nutshell, Podcast Traffic Grenade works for:
  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Complete internet marketing newbies.
  • SEO people. 
  • Off-Line Marketers.

What can Podcast Traffic Grenade do?

Podcast Traffic Grenade teaches you how to leverage iTunes to get massive targeted traffic to your website without spend a single penny for other SEO services. First, I need to tell you some interesting information about iTunes and its popularity. 
  • About 520,000,000 people use iTunes to download music and other radio. That huge!
  • Over 500,000,000 folks with their credit cards locked into iTunes. Those people is traffic type that you want (They are willing to pay for products that they want).
  • iTunes is also called as the "Google of 1999" by many elite internet marketers. It means that you can easily get amazing traffic from iTunes if you know the tricks. 
You're impressed with above information, right? Now, I think you're wondering "How do I get amazing massive traffic from iTunes, especially the traffic type that willing pay? Tell me the tricks, is it easy?". Yeah, this method is rather easy, you can do it by create and leverage audio podcast on iTunes.

If you don't know what is a podcast, find out more detailed at Wikipedia. Briefly, a podcast is an MP3 or other audio file delivered off a website via an RSS feed, is derived from the terms "iPod" and "broadcast". Podcasting is an easy way to communicate with other people all the world who have the same interests as you. There are thousands of podcasts which target many specific niche interests. Podcasts are even huger now, and will be in the coming years, than they've ever been before. Why?

The reason is today, more and more people are using smart phones and tablets for any purposes and anywhere, at home, at office or even in... bathroom. Recent stats from Edison and Arbitron show that 1 in 5 smart phone owners listens to Podcasts regularly. So there is a massive untapped traffic source that you even never think about it. And to be honest, a huge sum of people will miss the boat on Podcasting. They just like folks did with SEO, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and anything else... Now you have discovered one more amazing traffic source, will you take advantage of this one, or will you miss out?

Podcast Traffic Grenade teaches you some new tricks to make Podcasting work to drive massive traffic, like:

  • How to captivate an audience with no Hollywood superstars or other famous person.
  • How to be just as entertaining in a recording as you are live. 
  • How to make sure anyone, with any voice, can put out a great Podcast.
  • How to build a true connection with your audiences.
  • How to create an asset for each podcast that can repackage and reuse later.

And with Podcast Traffic Grenade, you don't need to do all below things:

  • Writing, spinning and distributing your articles. You know, this job is very boring!
  • Spamming Facebook, Twitter and many social network.
  • Spending small (or even large) fortunes on PPC advertising and solo ads. Of course you'll get more traffic, but not exactly the type of traffic that willing to pay for a good product.

What's included in Podcast Traffic Grenade?

  • The Podcast Traffic Grenade Report (in 33 pages you’ll discover the exact iTunes hack to tap into the traffic pipeline).
  • The Podcast Traffic Grenade Quick Start Guide (discover how to start a podcast including specific money-saving recommendations and ‘hand holding’ screenshots!)
  • The Mind Map (8 Easy Steps To Rockstar Podcast Creation & Traffic Domination!)
  • The Cheat Sheet (the “no B.S” guide to getting a podcast FAST!)
  • The Interview (Nitty gritty 55-minute interview, where Andy Hussong grills Dan Lyons on the power of using podcasts to drive traffic and generate leads!)
  • SPECIAL OFFER!!! If you buy this eBook from this link, you'll have a chance to get 5 part step-by-step video coaching called Podcast Traffic Grenade Video Case Study that reveals exactly how to drive massive traffic by using the little-known Podcast Traffic Grenade method at discount price, see more detailed information about this coach and grab one here.
Download Podcast Traffic Grenade Video Case Study

Podcast Traffic Grenade Benefits

Easy to understand

As I mentioned before, the Podcast Traffic Grenade eBook suits for all people with all knowledge level, so it's easy to understand this book and follow-up Dan's directions.

Reasonable price

Price of the Podcast Traffic Grenade is only $17. Beside that, when you bought an eBook, you have a special chance to get Podcast Traffic Grenade Video Case Study costs $37.

No need to buy another tools

Podcast Traffic Grenade not only includes learning material, it also gives you some useful stuffs that will help you follow all directions on this book without spend any penny to buy other support tools.

60 days Money back Guarantee

Don't be afraid about this book quality, let's buy this book, and if you're not satisfied with its quality or anything else, you can email to the author for request money back within 60 days. 

Podcast Traffic Grenade Weaknesses

The podcasting method mentioned in Podcast Traffic Grenade is a long-term sustainability plan, so you need to spend more time to practice everyday. You don't need to do SEO, spam Facebook, Twitter or write and spin many articles. All you'll need is yourself and a spare hour or two each week to build the following. There is no quicker, you have to do more legitimate way to build a fan base, a following, and then, get massive traffic for your website. But in return all traffic you get is the type of traffic that willing pay.

Podcast Traffic Grenade Conclusion

After reading my review about Podcast Traffic Grenade, now you have known rather well about this book, all of its benefits and weaknesses. It's time for you to make decision buy this one or not. If you want to build a trusted website with many targeted traffic, Podcast Traffic Grenade is a good choice for you. But if you don't want to spend more time to get massive traffic, there is many other choices (PPC, Google AdWords, SEO, Facebook, Twitter,...). But if you want to sell more product via your website, Podcast Traffic Grenade is better than other methods.
Download Podcast Traffic Grenade

Thank you for reading my Podcast Traffic Grenade review.

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